Community Engagement

Diversity Journal Club

The Diversity Journal Club is a space created to engage with the Steward Observatory community at all levels on topics of equity, inclusion, and diversity. As an organizer, I listen to the needs of our community and help lead discussions which will enact meaningful changes to make Steward a more welcoming and inclusive community.

Astronomy Camp

Astronomy Camp seeks to motivate all students to further their education in science, math, engineering, and technical fields. I was a camper when I was 16 and the experience motivated me to continue pursuing astronomy as a career. Now I am a counselor and hope to be that inspiration for the next generation of scientists and great thinkers!


Teen Astronomy Cafe

The NOAO Teen Astronomy Cafe is an out-of-school program for high school students that provides them the opportunity to interact with astronomers working on cutting-edge science. Students participate in hands on demonstrations, work on interative computer activities and listen to presentations from the scientists at NOAO and other institutions. The students also have the opportunity to ask the speaker and volunteers questions, learning what a day in the life of an astronomer is all about!